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How CoolVu's Window Films Reduce Heat Gain for Homes in Marietta, GA

January 03, 2023

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There's no denying that it is getting hotter every year, especially here in Marietta, GA. Last summer, we saw record-breaking temperatures, and the way things are going with climate change, experiencing intense heat waves may just be our new normal.

So one way to stay cool this summer and every summer after that without sticking your head in the freezer or running your AC on overdrive is by investing in window films for your home.

Overheated Couple Sitting Wishing They Had Energy-Saving Window Films As AC Blows Out Money Above Them
The benefits go a long way for any homeowner.

The boxes that glass window films check off are improved comfort, energy efficiency, and style, as well as added privacy, safety and security for your home. And they help protect your furniture, flooring, and whatever else stands in the way of your windows from fading or discoloring because they provide a layer of defense from the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Aesthetically speaking, glass films are the way to go for some windows where the view is too good to cover up with curtains or blinds. There are several reasons why you should choose window tinting over installing shades or having nothing at all on your glass windows.

We'll break down how CoolVu's window films reduce heat gain and heat loss in homes, plus some other fun facts you may not know about, like what is window film and how does it work?

Don't worry. We won't bore you with the physics and science behind glass window tints and their relationship with the sun; if that's your thing, then check out our blog about fade control with window films. We'll focus only on the practical, need-to-know stuff.

What Is Window Film and How Does It Work?

There are many types of films for glass windows. Some are made of various materials that serve specific purposes too. The actual film that's placed on the glass is super thin, and it can be either clear or semi-translucent, dyed in specific colors, made to look reflective (with a metallic-like appearance), frosted, and the list goes on.

Films are manufactured to stick to the window with the help of an adhesive backing that attaches to the surface of the glass. Additionally, adhesives on the film itself become activated when they come in contact with moisture or a mounting solution. Either way, they keep the window film in place so that the tint doesn't peel or shift to an uneven position.

The film itself is flexible, made to resist fading and wear, and is designed to be sturdy, resilient, and weatherproof. Window films and tints can vary, but they are produced from polyester, plastic, or a mix of ingredients. And here at CoolVu, we have a few ceramic window films that are made up of layers of titanium nitride (TiN) nanoparticles, creating the richest-looking and highest-performing window film in the world—pretty innovative stuff if you ask us.

So how does window film work?

They generally work by blocking out and reflecting some of the sun's rays. And most window films on the market today should filter out 99% of harmful UV rays, or at least all of ours do.

Person Applying Tints on Glass Windows To Block and Reflect the Sun To Control Heat Gain
The sunlight you can actually see outdoors is made up of every color of the rainbow, and each color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet) is measured in wavelengths. The sun also emits infrared radiation (heat) on top of UV radiation as well.

Why does this matter? Because the type of film you put on your windows makes a difference in how well it blocks, reflects, and filters out the sun's heat, visible light, and UV rays.

For example, darker tints could reflect most or all of the colors in the visible light spectrum, which means they're better at controlling heat, but you're sacrificing clear views. Clear window films, or even ones with a lighter tint, allow more sunlight indoors, but they don't perform the same as darker tints.

And that's where it boils down to your personal preference and what you're looking to achieve.

There are plenty of options out there on the market, and you'll see that we offer a wide variety of window films for glass surfaces that serve functional use cases and stylistic choices.

If you're looking for tints that cut down on heat gain and heat loss as well as something that adds privacy and, ultimately, protects you and your interior spaces from harsh UV rays, then let's walk you through some of CoolVu's most popular residential window films.

Window Films That Beat the Heat

We mentioned it earlier, so might as well start with our lineup of ceramic window tints. When it comes to this particular film, you've got options.

CoolVu offers both single- and advanced dual-layer ceramic window film for impressive solar control. They are a durable and long-lasting option for homeowners. If you want clear views, and wish to cut down heat gain and glare by half, then our Signature Ceramic films are the way to go.

Home's Windows Outfitted With CoolVu's Signature Ceramic Film for Clear Views, Added Comfort and Interior Protection
For those looking for maximum heat-blocking, then CoolVu's "TiN" dual-layer ceramic window film series is the prime choice. You can still maintain clear views inside and outside—both during the day and at night.

Next up on the list is a personal favorite of ours: CoolVu's transitional window films.

Ever seen those glasses that turn into dark shades when a person's outside, and whenever they step indoors, they're clear? Well, these transitional window films utilize the same technology and are perfect for windows that are subjected to harsh, direct, and blinding sunlight.

Our transitional window films are adaptive to the sun and are made using an exclusive manufacturing process. It's one of the most stable photochromic and light-sensitive films on the market, which means you can enjoy clear views when you want it, and slightly tinted glass when needed. They are tuned to block 80% of infrared heat gain, which means you'll see lower monthly energy bills.

Another top seller of ours is CoolVu's solar window films. Commercial and residential clients love these tints because of how versatile and cost-effective they are.

These films are designed to darken glass and block solar radiation to reduce heat gain and glare and are commonly used to improve the overall energy efficiency and comfort inside homes and offices. They come in various colors and shades, and we offer a full array of metal and alloy solar window tinting films for you to choose from. We have silver, bronze, blue and custom colors available.

Our solar window films block 99% of UV rays, block glare by up to 90%, reduce heat gain through glass by 80%, and you can have these tints installed anywhere.

One of the benefits to you as a customer if you're a residential client of ours is that you have a lifetime warranty available to you. It's just one of the many ways we show our clients that we stand behind what we do.

And we only scratched the surface, so feel free to explore our website to discover CoolVu's glass and surface film solutions that'll improve your most valuable space.

Experience Savings, Comfort and More With CoolVu

CoolVu's window films are an excellent choice for homeowners in Marietta, GA, looking to reduce heat gain and elevate the comfort of their homes whether it's summertime or not. Experience year-round savings on your electric bills, a better quality of life at home, and protect yourself and your things from the sun's harsh UV radiation. With a huge selection of glass window films to select from, CoolVu of Marietta has something for everybody.

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