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Our Turf Protect Window Film Helped a Marietta Resident Prevent Lawn Damage

June 16, 2023

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Becky took pride in her yard and invested a lot of time in keeping it up. She even installed artificial turf in an area where the grass never grew to make her garden look complete. However, she noticed the turf was melting, becoming discolored, and looking shoddy.

Filmless Window on Left; Window With Turf Protect Film on Right, Protecting Lawn From Solar Burns
Concerned, Becky called a lawn professional. He said the cause of the problem was her next-door neighbor's windows. They were reflecting concentrated sunlight on the artificial turf, creating a magnifying glass effect that melted the synthetic plastic.

Becky went online to see if she could do anything to correct the issue. She was fascinated to discover this was a common problem. Becky learned that artificial grass has a melting point that occurs between 160 200F. She found out that sunlight reflecting off window glass could reach temperatures higher than 200F, which explained her turf's current state.

She continued her search and found that a specific type of window film could alleviate the issue. She typed "Marietta window film company" in Google and found CoolVu of Marietta in the top search results. After browsing their website, she called to speak with a representative who could answer a few questions for her. The rep told her CoolVu's Turf Protect could help, so Becky said she would talk with her neighbor and call back.

Becky and her neighbor, Janet, had been friends for some time. Becky explained the situation to Janet. Although it wasn't directly her fault, Janet felt terrible to learn what her windows were doing and was willing to do anything necessary to help.

Becky told Janet about CoolVu's Turf Protect product and suggested trying the film on one of her windows as a test. Janet agreed immediately. Becky even said she would split the cost of the installation with her.

Window With Turf Protect Film Installed, Preventing Lawn Damage by the Sun's Intense Heat and GlareShe called CoolVu again, and the representative scheduled a free in-person consultation with a technician named Nick the following day.

Nick arrived on time and met with Becky and Janet. Having been briefed about the situation, he brought Turf Protect film samples with him. The ladies said they wanted to try it out with one window, so Nick chose the window that was most likely causing the burns on the artificial grass.

He explained to Becky and Janet that Turf Protect was a perforated window film that diffused the reflected sunlight, spreading the rays over a wide area to prevent the intense concentration of sunbeams that caused turf damage.

Nick stated that, as an added benefit, the window films would reduce the glare in the home, block harmful UV radiation that could damage furniture, and offer better heat control, which would lower energy costs.

Becky and Janet liked what they heard. They said that if the test worked, they would call CoolVu to come and do more windows in both homes. In the meantime, they asked Nick when he could do the first window. Since it was only a single window, he said he had some time to install the Turf Protect film on the spot. They agreed, and he went to work.

He cut and fit the window film to the glass panes and applied it with a special adhesive that would keep it secure for years. When he finished the installation, the neighbors admired the results from outside and inside the home.

They immediately saw a difference in the room regarding glare and temperature. They liked how the sun seemed less intense, natural light still came through, and the view outside the window wasn't compromised.

They thanked Nick and said they would likely call him back soon to add more Turf Protect films to the windows in both homes.

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