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Fade Control with CoolVu Window Films

September 12, 2022

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When considering a fade control window film installation from CoolVu, understanding how these films work to control the sun's radiation is an important next step in deciding if the investment is right for you. Window films are an important mitigating solution, however, there exist many misconceptions in the market as to what causes sun-related fade. It is important to understand the challenge the sun's rays present to architects and interior decorators who aim to beautify for the long-term as part of their design mandate.

Many home and business owners also have real concerns about the damaging effects of solar radiation streaming through doors and window glass.

As essential and desirable as natural sunlight is for interior environments, certain aspects of the solar spectrum are damaging to valuables and need to be managed so sunlight does not cause irreversible damage to your most important assets. For effective museum-grade fade control, understanding how solar radiation from the sun leads to damage is the first step in determining the right fade control window film for your needs.

The Solar Spectrum and Spectrally Selective Solar Window Films

Solar radiation emanating down from the sun sustains life on earth but can cause immeasurable damage to furnishings, artwork, hardwoods, and other valuables inside your home or business.

Luckily, many portions of the most damaging solar radiation are blocked by the earth's atmosphere. However, as the balance of the sun's rays penetrates our atmosphere, some bands of solar radiation are absorbed by our environment for both good and bad.


4A high percentage of UV rays, visible light and infrared heat radiation continues to transfer down to planet's surface, illuminating and heating our environment and providing for life. Some of these solar rays lead to damage that must be controlled by solar films or other measures. UV light, visible light, and infrared radiation each play a role in how the sun's rays will impact interiors in negative ways.

Unfortunately, overexposure to any of these bands of solar radiation is problematic. Excessive IR (infrared) radiation leads to hot spots and high energy consumption needed to cool spaces. High levels of visible light can lead to sun glare that can exacerbate headaches and migraines.

UV overexposure will bleach colors and cause skin damage, which is why protecting your furnishings from sun overexposure is essential in maintaining vibrant colors for the long term. CoolVu window films work to block 99% of these most damaging UV solar rays, providing for safe natural sunlight streaming through your glass windows and doors.

Fortunately, CoolVu's modern window film technologies are durable, look amazing after their professional installation, and are now available to combat these sun problems for homeowners and businesses alike.

These innovative 'spectrally selective' CoolVu window films work to minimize the transfer of the sun's most harmful radiation by stopping 99% of the UV light, as well as a high degree of IR and visible light at the glass surface.

5Spectrally selective window films are a newer technology whose function is 'tuned' to block certain wavelengths of the sun's solar radiation.

By blocking the sun's solar radiation at the glass surface, interiors are protected from the bleaching effect plaguing hardwoods, artwork, and furnishings of all types. By 'tuning' the window film to be selective in its radiation blocking, CoolVu window films can maximize the benefits and desired natural visible light from the sun, so interiors are not impacted negatively or forced to increase artificial interior lighting.

Important Facts to Consider When Opting to Use Fade Control Window Films

No window film will stop fading completely. However, you can expect your furnishings and valuables to have a life extension of 300-500% with the application of CoolVu fade control window films. The strongest fade control films block out a greater amount of visible light. A good rule of thumb is the darker the window film, the greater the fade control.

Blocking out a high degree of heat with a ceramic-based sun control film is the best strategy for effective fade control.
UV radiation is the main cause of fade and material degradation. All CoolVu window films block 99% of the sun's UV light, stopping UV at the glass surface completely.

Professionally installed window film for homes comes with a lifetime warranty from CoolVu, guaranteeing the UV protection you've invested in will last over the long haul.

Ceramic window films are high heat blocking, non-mirrored fade control products. They are recommended solutions for homeowners and businesses looking for natural-looking glass solutions that will not appear shiny in appearance.

Commercial clients looking for maximum fade control are recommended to consider darker, metallic, or dual-reflective window films to block out the maximum amount of heat and visible light along with the 99% UV block found in most glass films.


Installing Fade Control Window Films

Professionally installed CoolVu solar window films, designed for fade control, are primarily installed on the interior of your glass windows and doors, but exterior window films are installed when an obstruction prohibits the interior application. Although fade control exterior window films work well, their application will have a limited lifespan typically under 10-15 years maximum.

All CoolVu's solar window films for fade and sun control are cut to fit onto your glass surface and are applied with a bar of soap and water, or a glass hardening mounting solution. The initial step for the application of solar fade control window film is to professionally clean the glass surface just prior to application.

Once applied, the film is manipulated and trimmed to fit tight to the individual glass pane. Water and any mounting solutions are then removed from the filmed glass through a variety of techniques to ensure a strong bond to the glass surface.

This adhesive-backed window film solution typically takes anywhere from 30-90 days to fully dry, or cure, and adheres tightly to the glass. During the curing process, it is normal to see a level of haze as the adhesive fully cures to the glass surface. This process of 'full cure' is most dependent on the climate, the direction of the sun, and the time of year of the application.

Fade control window film installed in direct sun exposure will typically fully cure in under 30 days and look beautiful on your windows and door glass for years to come.

For more information on CoolVu fade control window film or to schedule an assessment, please visit us at www.coolvu.com or call (404) 368-3664.

Jeff Franson
Founder, CoolVu Glass & Surface Solutions

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