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Marietta Office Redesigns Interior With Environmental Graphics and Increases Confidentiality and Comfort via Window Films

January 20, 2023

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Marietta is known for its modern lifestyle and historically significant cultural diversity. It's also considered one of Georgia's most economically important cities, making it an ideal location for various shops, restaurants, museums, and businesses.

Located in the heart of Marietta, a telecommunications company decided it was time to give its offices a facelift and make them a more comfortable place to be in. After determining their needs, which included having Environmental Graphics and window film installed, the company decided to move forward with the project.

Larry Miller, the office manager, had the task of finding someone to do the job. He turned to Google and searched. CoolVu of Marietta came up as a top result, so Larry visited their website and immediately knew that he'd found the right place.

What swayed Larry right away was the vast range of products the CoolVu brand offered. It only took a few minutes to know they could provide everything his company needed all in one place. He called CoolVu of Marietta to make an appointment for a free in-person consultation to determine how they could help transform a dull office space into something amazing.

Upon arrival, a CoolVu technician listened to Larry explain that they wanted to address three areas in the office. First, he pointed out the drab walls in the room and said they needed something that would engage their clients while they waited. Larry wanted environmental graphics with a modern design that would convey the story and history of telecommunications.

Next, Larry pointed out the conference room. Its large glass doors faced the open area of the office space. He told the CoolVu technician that the conference room doors allowed anyone to see what was happening inside. He wanted an eye-catching way to give the room some privacy without being obvious about it.

Larry's third concern was the heat and glare. The company was in a high-rise commercial building, and the sun, especially during the hottest part of the day, made the office space uncomfortable for visitors and colleagues alike.

The CoolVu technician addressed Larry's needs one at a time, first describing some ideas for customized wall coverings using environmental graphics. He seemed to have something in mind already, and Larry could almost imagine the outcome as he explained it.

The technician then suggested frosted window films for the conference room. He said their privacy and decorative window films came in thousands of designs, patterns, and styles and would provide the confidentiality Larry wanted while complementing the overall look of their office.

Finally, the technician addressed the big windows overlooking Marietta's busy streets. It was indeed up high and a magnet for direct sunlight. He suggested applying transitional window films for the windows since they adapt to the sun and its intensity on the glass. And they would provide clear or tinted views as needed because they transitioned from a lighter to a darker shade of tint depending on the amount of light.

The technician explained how CoolVu's transitional window films were made of advanced ceramics that function as solar heat blockers and are designed to stop over 80% of infrared (IR) heat gain through glass.

Inspired by the technician's plan for the office, Larry ran it by the CEO, and they determined that CoolVu of Marietta was right for the job. Larry called back later in the day to schedule a time when the office was closed so the technician's team could get started.

Although the task was a big undertaking, CoolVu of Marietta's team arrived and started immediately. They broke down into three groups and tackled each aspect of the project in a professionally-organized manner.

Larry was there to oversee the whole thing. He watched as the CoolVu crew worked diligently to ensure every aspect was done with precision and care. He was particularly impressed as he watched the custom-printed wallpaper go on.

Half of the wall was made up of inspirational quotes in bold white lettering against a black background. It then transitioned into a visual history of telecommunications featuring black-and-white imagery and a timeline of information in red blocks. The panoramic effect and eye-popping design were almost breathtaking.

The frosted privacy window film on the conference room glass door came out beautiful from a visual standpoint. Only the mid-section of the door was obscured with a frosted pattern. It blocked the main view into the conference room and allowed visibility through the glass at the bottom and top of the door. So visitors could acknowledge that there was activity in the room, yet the films provided privacy at the same time.

The team finished applying the transitional window film. And Larry could feel and see the difference in the amount of sunlight being blocked as the film adapted to the sunlight. One of the technicians working on the glass window pointed out how the office would experience a reduction in energy costs. He said the transitional window film offered exceptional heat gain control, making it easier to balance and manage the temperature indoors year-round.

When each team finished their work and began packing to leave, Larry walked around, admiring the sleek and artsy appearance of what had been an extremely boring-looking office before.

The next day, the company's CEO went to the office, and the look on his face said more than any words could. He stood in the center of the room and praised it, taking in the customized decorative wallpaper and the elegant frosted window film on the entrance to the conference room.

He also took note of the reduction in obtrusive sunlight coming in through the large main windows due to the transitional window film. He knew this would make a difference in the comfort level of clients who waited to be seen, while the decorative infographic wallpaper would give them something visually entertaining to explore.

Over the next few days, all of the work the CoolVu of Marietta team had done became apparent. Clients who visited the office complimented the design of the walls and felt physically comfortable being there. And as day turned to night, Larry and other colleagues could see the transitioning effect of the window film adapting and providing the right balance of visibility, relief, and UV protection.

Not only was the company thrilled with the new look of their office, but they couldn't help but recommend CoolVu of Marietta to other businesses nearby. Affordability, quality, and CoolVu's 15-year commercial warranty made them the right choice.

If your business needs a make-over with custom-printed wallpaper and graphics, frosted privacy window film, or window film for heat and glare reduction, fill out the form on our contact page or call CoolVu of Marietta at (404) 368-3664.

Let CoolVu of Marietta help you realize your vision today!

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