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Marietta Call Center Upgrades Office With Frosted Window Films for Privacy and Aesthetics

April 19, 2023

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Marietta is home to bustling business districts and quiet residential areas. It's the ideal location for companies of all kinds. One business in particular, a call center, has been a part of the Marietta landscape for decades and has grown. With a recent boom in business, the CEO decided it was time to update the offices for privacy and aesthetics for clients visiting the office.

Call Center in Marietta
The CEO tasked the office manager with finding the best way to accomplish his vision for the company office. The manager, Dan, went online and spent some time researching. One of the things that came up as a solution was window film. After deeper research, Dan learned that window films were used for everything from privacy and heat control to adding style and decor to glass surfaces.

His next step was to find a company nearby that they could contact. A Google search yielded immediate results, with CoolVu of Marietta at the top. After narrowing down his list of glass and surface film providers, Dan ultimately decided CoolVu was the right choice and called them.

He was happy they scheduled him for a free in-person consultation as soon as possible. He'd already reviewed the project with the CEO and knew what was expected. A CoolVu tech named Ivan arrived on the date of the consultation. He toured the offices with Dan and discussed some options for what they wanted to accomplish.

Privacy Window Film on DoorDan told him they'd like to see a subtle decorative touch on the entryway doors in the lobby. He then showed Ivan the call center, where the telemarketing team worked. He said clients used the hallway outside the call center. It was distracting to the employees, so they were looking for something stylistic that wouldn't completely obscure the view into the room but would make it so the callers weren't distracted.

Finally, Dan pointed out a beautiful set of double doors that led into the client conference room. He wanted to add privacy to the large glass panes on the doors to ensure confidentiality during meetings.

Ivan was certain about what the call center needed. He suggested using CoolVu's frosted privacy and decorative window films on all of the glass doors and hallways. He showed samples and explained that the frosted window film could achieve both the design and privacy requirements the company wanted.

Dan chose a frosted pattern of stripes in varying sizes for the entrance to the building because it would give it a modern look without obscuring the interior. He liked that it would prepare visitors visually for the use of a frosted design throughout as they made their way through the offices.

Dan chose a frosted film with a tree brush theme and gold accents for the windows looking in on the call center, with just enough visibility to allow visitors to see activity in the room without a completely unobstructed view. He felt this would show clients how the operation worked without distracting the call center staff.

For the client meeting room, where absolute privacy was preferred, Dan asked for a solid frosted window film installed on the door glass to give them maximum privacy.

With the project outlined, Ivan scheduled a day with Dan to complete the job.

Ivan arrived on time on the agreed-upon date. Dan was amazed as he watched the job unfold. He was impressed to see Ivan taking great care in cutting and fitting the frosted window film.

Ivan was professional and chatted with Dan as he worked, explaining to Dan how the frosted film diffused light, which created an even distribution of light entering and leaving through the window film. This made the glass window look softer and produced a calming effect.

Dan immediately noticed the effect in the hallway outside the call center, where the bright lights in the room had always been harsh.

When Ivan completed the work throughout the building, Dan walked through to admire the work Ivan had done. He couldn't believe the beautiful transformation. What was once a dull office space with no privacy now looked upscale and had privacy where needed.

Looking at the cohesive designs used, Dan felt he'd made the right choices. With the hundreds of design options available, he'd chosen the right combination to suit the business's personality.

Over the next week, clients came and went, with many commenting on how beautiful the offices looked. Even the staff couldn't say enough about the changes, especially in the comfort level of the work environment.

The CEO was so impressed with the work CoolVu of Marietta did that he called the company to express his satisfaction, assuring them he would recommend them.

If you're looking for window films for privacy or to upgrade the appearance of your business, or you need transitional or ceramic window film for heat control and glare reduction, CoolVu has the right solutions for you. Backed by a 15-year commercial warranty, you'll feel confident knowing you're getting the best product and service available.

Call us at (404) 368-3664 or fill out the form on our contact page to schedule a FREE in-person consultation today!

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