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Marietta B&B Protects Interior, Saves Energy, and Increases Comfort With CoolVu's Ceramic Window Films

February 07, 2023

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Marietta is a city in Georgia with a rich historical background, lots of shopping, and attractions where visitors can relax outdoors and take in the scenery. A local bed and breakfast (B&B) owner named Gale recently decided it was time to make some changes to the common area, where guests often gathered to shoot the breeze or have an occasional drink at the end of a long day on the lake.

The hangout area of the B&B was a large, open space completely made up of pinewood and oak. An array of taxidermy, including wild deer, antelope, and other animal trophies, set off the rich wood interior.

The room's focal point was the entrance, which featured many windows and wide glass doors overlooking the lake. Gale had even built a sandy area to give the property a beachfront feel. She loved the view, but the sun's glare made the lodge uncomfortable for most of the day and increased her energy cost, especially during the sweltering southern summers.

Marietta Bed & Breakfast
A loft overlooked the common area where guests had access to computers, a TV, and even a library. It was supposed to be a cozy spot, but the heat from the sun during the hottest part of the day made it more inconvenient than enjoyable.

Another thing Gale worried about was the effect the sun would have on the beautiful wood that gave the common room its rustic personality. She knew the UV rays would start to fade her interior's rich colors and degrade the lodge's appearance, which would require costly repairs.

Gale wanted to look for a solution for more than a year, but finding a way to regulate the heat and glare without obstructing the view eluded her. Finally, after hearing guests complain about the relentless sunshine, she decided it was time to act.

One evening, while sitting with a guest named Jerry in the lodge, Gale started talking about the issues she was having with the sunlight. Jerry asked why she'd never considered having window film installed. The suggestion sounded perfect.

The next morning, Gale sat at the computer and looked for local window film companies. Her search brought up CoolVu of Marietta, and she explored their website. Being a Facebook fan, she browsed their profile and was happy to see several of their past jobs highlighted. Gale clicked on links to blog posts, where she could read more detailed descriptions of previous jobs.

She called CoolVu of Marietta and spoke with a representative, who scheduled her for a free in-person consultation. The technician, Ivan, arrived on time on the scheduled date to discuss her needs. He was impressed with the large windows overlooking the common area, but he knew right away the problems Gale was facing.

After discussing several options and showing her samples, she decided to take Ivan's suggestion and have CoolVu's Tinite Double Ceramic window film 45 installed. He told Gale the window film incorporated two layers of titanium nitride (TiN) ceramic nanoparticles that would block 99% of the sun's UV rays and prevent the sun's harsh glare from making the area unbearable.

Gale was excited to learn that the ceramic window film would address all of her concerns, result in a lower monthly energy bill, and preserve the integrity of the wood surfaces and mounted animals throughout the room.

She quickly set an appointment to have the windows in her B&B done. Gale couldn't wait to see the changes to the common room and to give her guests a greater level of comfort.

Ivan and a second CoolVu technician arrived on time to get started on the big windows and doors. They began cutting and fitting the ceramic window films, applying them with a special adhesive that would ensure the longevity of the installation.

Watching the technicians work made Gale even more excited to see the final results. She went to the office, leaving them to the task. When they told her they'd finished the job, Gale returned to the room and immediately felt the difference. She could not only look through the windows without being blinded by the sun's rays, but she also described how the lodge felt cooler overall.

Gale was impressed by the change in the room's feel and the job the guys had accomplished. They'd done the installation professionally and efficiently. Ivan gave Gale some tips on cleaning the window films before leaving.

Over the next few weeks, the off-season guests complimented the room's appearance. Several of them stated how comfortable and nice it was to look outside or lounge in the loft without the sun's glare getting in their way.

Pleased with the job's outcome and her guests' reaction, Gale called CoolVu of Marietta to tell them how much she appreciated the work they'd done for her. She planned to install ceramic window films in all of the guest rooms as her next project and promised to call CoolVu for the job.

If you have a business that needs anything from ceramic or transitional window films to wall and window graphics, call CoolVu of Marietta today at (404) 368-3664, or fill out the form on our contact page. You can even use our live chat to schedule a consultation. We can help bring comfort, savings, and stylistic designs to your home or business at a price that can't be beaten and services that can't be matched.

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