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CoolVu Window Films Protected Urban Renewal Consignment Store's Merchandise From Fading in Marietta, GA

March 24, 2023

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Urban Renewal is a boutique consignment shop in Marietta, Georgia. They pride themselves on their carefully-curated inventory of clothing items for women. This being the case, they are always careful to maintain their lineup of designer threads to the highest standards.

When Mrs. Mannella, the co-owner of the boutique, became aware of how the sunlight coming in through the store's front windows was fading her merchandise, she knew she would have to address the issue immediately.

Mrs. Mannella tried putting wood panels over the windows to keep the sunlight out, but that only gave the store an unsightly appearance.

One day Mrs. Mannella was working with a customer and mentioned her problem in casual conversation. Her customer said she'd had the same concerns about the furniture in her home and that she had window films installed, which reduced the direct sunlight coming through the windows. She said they protected her furniture from UV rays and provided a more regulated temperature, reduced glare, and lowered her energy costs.

Intrigued, Mrs. Mannella decided to look into window films a little further. Through her research, she found CoolVu of Marietta and saw they were respected in the glass and surface film solutions industry. Mrs. Mannella checked out their website and browsed through their range of window films. There was no doubt CoolVu could help her, so she called them right away and scheduled a free in-person consultation.

A technician named Ivan arrived for the consultation with samples to show. He examined the store's layout and the windows in question and then suggested two different types of window films to combat Mrs. Mannella's problem.

First, he suggested adding ceramic window films on the doors to match what was already on the main windows. For the two outer windows on the front of the store, he said that blackout film would be the best way to go because there was so much product near them.

Mrs. Mannella asked Ivan for more details about the two products. He explained that the blackout film would reduce transparency through the two side windows by 100%, protect the clothing in the area from the sun, and offer complete privacy. Ivan said they had vinyl films available in black or white options and could be mounted with adhesive on the inside or outside.

Ivan noted how the ceramic window films would block 99% of the sun's harmful UV rays, reduce heat by 50%, and still provide a clear view outside through the glass. This would balance the lack of light coming through the side outer windows, provide comfort to her customers, and protect her clothing from fading.

Mrs. Mannella was thrilled by Ivan's assessment of what she needed and scheduled an appointment for CoolVu of Marietta to come and do the job.

On the installation day, she was happy that Ivan was the technician doing the work. He showed up with another technician on time and was ready to go.

Consignment Store in Marietta with Blackout Film and Ceramic Window Film
They began cutting and fitting the window film, taking great care to do a professional job. Mrs. Mannella was especially impressed by how meticulous they were with each step of the installation.

As the window film went up, she could already see the difference in the sunlight coming through the window. Mrs. Mannella could see how the blackout window film effectively blocked the harsh light from hitting the clothing on the racks up front, which gave her the peace of mind she needed.

The new ceramic window films on the door matched the surrounding window films already in place. They let in just enough natural light to make shopping even more pleasurable for her customers and offer full UV ray protection to her storefront.

When the job was complete, Mrs. Mannella was completely satisfied. She even looked at the store from the front and noted how the two blacked-out corner windows balanced the lighter-tinted ceramic window films in between, giving the store a cohesive appearance.

Mrs. Mannella thanked Ivan for doing a great job and said she would recommend CoolVu whenever she had the opportunity.

Two days later, she called CoolVu to express her gratitude once again. She let them know how big a change the window films made to her business, not only by protecting her inventory but by providing a higher level of comfort for her customers.

If you have a business that needs the protection of window films for your merchandise and the comfort they afford your customers, call CoolVu of Marietta today at (404) 368-3664 or fill out the form on our contact page. for a free in-person consultation.

We offer an extensive range of window films for every need and budget. We're also so confident in our products and quality of service that we provide a 15-year warranty for commercial projects and a lifetime warranty for residential clients. Whether you're looking for privacy and decorative window films or reflective and ceramic films for heat and glare reduction, CoolVu has what you need and more.

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