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CoolVu Helps a Marietta Homeowner Find Privacy With Frosted Window Film

March 06, 2023

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A recent Marietta customer, Mr. Addison, moved into a new home. He loved everything about it except for the bathroom window, which was quite large, and looked out into his backyard. There was no way he could feel comfortable using the bathroom in any fashion without feeling as if he were on display. He immediately bought drapes, thinking that would help, but heavy drapes only cut down on the sunlight coming into the bathroom, making it feel more like a dark dungeon.

Privacy Window Film Installed in Home for Privacy
Mr. Addison went online, saw an ad for CoolVu, and then visited the website. He began looking at CoolVu's range of products and was surprised at the options he saw. Mr. Addison felt that CoolVu was the right choice and contacted them to see what they could do for him.

He used the chat bubble and spoke with a company representative. They were super friendly and responded to all his concerns. They agreed with his decision to go with the frosted privacy film but scheduled a free in-person consultation so he could meet with a technician to discuss the job further.

The following day, a CoolVu technician named Ivan arrived to show him samples of privacy window films. While there were many decorative options, Mr. Addison decided a simple frosted window film would be perfect. The window was so prominent in the bathroom that he wanted a solid pattern to be sure he had absolute privacy.

Ivan agreed with his selection. He told Mr. Addison that the frosted window film was not only an excellent solution for blocking the outside view but would also reduce the heat coming through the window. There would still be ample natural light but plenty of privacy inside the restroom.

That was exactly what Mr. Addison wanted, so he set a date to do the job as soon as possible. He had no intention of leaving the bathroom's interior exposed longer than necessary.

Ivan arrived the following day to get started. He said it wouldn't take long and described the installation process, explaining how he'd use a special adhesive to make sure the window film stayed securely in place.

Mr. Addison stood and watched Ivan work for a bit, impressed with the care and professionalism that ensured the window film was installed correctly.

Later, after the job had been completed, he couldn't believe the difference in the bathroom. Mr. Addison noted the amount of sunlight that was able to get in while still giving him the privacy to move freely around without worrying that someone from outside could see him.

He thanked Ivan for the work he'd done. He assured the technician that he would call the office to express his complete satisfaction with the work and the results. Ivan gave him a few tips on maintaining the frosted window film. He reminded him that if anything were to happen, it would be covered under CoolVu's lifetime residential warranty.

Mr. Addison called CoolVu of Marietta the next day, just as he said he would, and gave Ivan and the frosted window film a raving review. He told the representative on the phone that he was going to recommend CoolVu to anybody looking for window films.

If, like Mr. Addison, you need frosted window films to add privacy to your home, CoolVu has thousands of customizable design options, including solid colors, patterns, fabric, gradients, and more. CoolVu also offers ceramic window films to help block harmful UV rays and to reduce glare, as well as transitional window film for managed heat control and daytime privacy.

Whatever your needs, CoolVu of Marietta is here. Call us at (404) 368-3664 or fill out the form on our contact page to schedule a free in-person consultation. You can also speak with a representative using our chat feature. We're ready to help you find privacy, comfort, and savings today!

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