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Ceramic Window Films Helps Marietta Homeowner Prepare for the Summer Heat

December 16, 2022

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If you've ever lived in Georgia, you're familiar with the phrase "dog days."

The Atlanta Rhythm Section wrote about it in a song with the same title, and they were telling the truth when they sang, "The dog days were scorchers, southern torture."

Those Atlanta days in late summer can be brutal.

And Mrs. Hopkins, a Marietta resident, felt the same way. To prepare for the summer this year, she wanted to control the heat in her home without resorting to heavy curtains. She loved to look outside and enjoy the birds in her yard, the kids playing, and the weather as it changed from day to day. She didn't like the sweltering heat from the sunlight pouring into her home through its many windows.

Having heard someone mention ceramic window films as an option, she went online and began researching. Mrs. Hopkins saw CoolVu of Marietta at the top of Google's search results; the company's name alone promised her relief from the hot Georgia summers.

Home Windows with Ceramic Window Film
The company offered ceramic window films and tinting products for every need and budget, which gave her the confidence to know that this was the right choice for her.

She called CoolVu of Marietta to make an appointment to learn more about their ceramic window films and to see if they could help her find relief from the dog days of summer.

The CoolVu technician arrived to assess Mrs. Hopkins' home. He walked through the house and saw several large windows and doors leading to a deck that allowed sunlight into the home throughout much of the day. To prevent the house from feeling like an oven in the late summer months, Mrs. Hopkins told the technician that the air conditioner ran nonstop during those times.

CoolVu TechnicianThe CoolVu technician listened to her concerns. He understood that she was looking for comfort but wanted to maintain her view of the outside world. Mrs. Hopkins didn't want to give up one for the other. He assured her that he could find the perfect solution.

After reviewing several options and product samples, he decided CoolVu's "TiN" dual-layer ceramic window film 35 would best suit her needs. This specific version of their ceramic window film would provide the optimal balance between heat reduction and heat loss while offering a clear view to see through her windows.

Happy with the CoolVu technician's assessment and his friendly, professional approach, she set an appointment to have the window film installed. The CoolVu team arrived as scheduled, on time, and ready to work. After confirming the job details with Mrs. Hopkins, they immediately began installing the film on the windows throughout her home.

She was impressed by how much care they put into cutting and fitting the film on her glass windows and how diligently the CoolVu team worked to ensure a perfect outcome. They answered Mrs. Hopkins' questions about the process as they worked, and even educated her on how she could maintain the window film to make it last for years.

Once they were finished, she walked through her house and admired the job the CoolVu team had done. Although it was wintertime, Mrs. Hopkins could already feel the difference her new ceramic window films made. The sunlight seemed less intense, and she was excited to experience even more comfort when the summer months arrived again. As an added benefit, Mrs. Hopkins was thrilled to learn that she would save on her energy bills and that the ceramic window film would practically pay for itself.

Curious, she asked the technician specific questions to learn more about the ceramic window film. He explained that it was made with two layers of titanium nitride (TiN) ceramic nanoparticles, making their ceramic window films the best for aesthetics and performance.

He mentioned that ceramic window films block 99% of UV rays, reducing sun glare and heat intake while allowing maximum visibility. He assured Mrs. Hopkins the window films would provide a high level of solar heat and UV reduction with the lowest interior and exterior reflection possible. Additionally, he said that anything directly affected by the sun close to her windows, including her valuables, furniture, wood floors, and other items, would be shielded from fading or damage.

She was impressed by his willingness to walk her through the technology behind ceramic window films, which gave Mrs. Hopkins even more confidence in the choice she'd made to invest in CoolVu's products. She thanked the technician for a job well done and promised to tell her family and friends about the quality of service they provided.

If you're looking for a way to beat the Marietta heat to prepare for the summer like Mrs. Hopkins, CoolVu of Marietta can help. Just fill out the form on our contact page or call (404) 368-3664 to learn more about our glass and surface solutions.

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