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Modern Marietta Home Gets a Ceramic Window Film Upgrade for Comfort and Savings

February 24, 2023

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Marietta, Georgia, is the ideal living destination that offers families the best of both worlds. It's near the hustling and bustling city of Atlanta, yet it provides a peaceful escape from it all.

That's why Mr. and Mrs. Hogan moved here in the first place after buying the house they fell in love with 12 years ago. The couple lives in a beautiful, modern home situated in a widely-spaced neighborhood.

One of the home's highlights was the large glass windows that gave the couple stunning views of the gorgeous scenery surrounding them. The Hogans were avid birdwatchers who loved to look outside through their windows and see woodpeckers, hummingbirds, and many other feathered visitors, making their property the go-to hangout spot.

The downside of having so many windows was the strong sunlight that made its way into the house throughout the day. Inside, the home was as stunning as it was outside. It had wood floors, wooden beams across high ceilings, imported rugs, luxurious furnishings, and prized artwork.

The couple was aware that the sun's ultraviolet rays (UV) could damage a home's interior and belongings over time. However, covering the windows with blinds or curtains was out of the question. The Hogans believed it would be impractical and distract from the home's elegant appearance. Not only that, it would obscure their view of the birds and other wildlife animals that visited their property.

A client of Mr. Hogan's recommended CoolVu of Marietta, stating she and her husband had faced the same issues. She told him that CoolVu's ceramic window films had not only solved the problem but also benefited them from lower energy bills. Mr. Hogan and his wife immediately found CoolVu of Marietta that night through a quick Google search and spent time on their website to learn more.

It was clear to them that they had found the solution to their problems. They filled out the contact form and scheduled a CoolVu technician to come to their home that same week for a free in-person consultation.

When the technician, Ivan, arrived to meet with the Hogans, he listened to them as they walked through the house, explaining their concerns. They swiftly pointed out the sunroom, where they would hang out to read, birdwatch, and drink coffee in the mornings. The couple wanted this part of their home to be more comfortable and also needed the other glass windows treated with tints that would offer the same peace of mind.

After seeing the home, Ivan showed them samples of CoolVu's window films and tints and explained how each of them worked. They asked for his recommendation. He suggested CoolVu's Tinite Double Ceramic 35 window film for most of the home because it would give them the protection they needed without blocking their exterior view.

He told them the window film incorporated two layers of titanium nitride (TiN) ceramic nanoparticles that would block 99% of the sun's UV rays and alleviate the harsh glare that made seeing the computer and TV screens at certain times of the day difficult.

For the sunroom, which was almost all glass and saw a lot of UV exposure, he suggested transitional window films for managed sun control. He explained how the film was adaptive to the intensity of the sun's direct light, transitioning from a dark tint to a lighter shade depending on how much sunlight there was.

After the consultation, the Hogans were excited to move forward. Ivan worked with them to schedule a convenient date to have CoolVu of Marietta install the window films.

On the day of the appointment, Ivan arrived on time with another CoolVu technician to start the job immediately.

The Hogans were on hand as the job progressed, with Ivan and the second tech working diligently to cut and fit each window with the utmost care and precision. When there were questions about the process or window films in general, Ivan gladly answered them.

It was evident that the technicians took great pride in their job and that helping clients was a priority.

When the job was complete, the couple walked through the home and admired the team's work. The difference in the usual effects of the sun's harsh glare was greatly minimized, making the overall feel of each room more comfortable. Additionally, the window films added to the modern appearance of the home, giving the windows a more uniform appearance.

The Hogans said goodbye to the CoolVu of Marietta team, showering them with thanks and praise for a job well done, enthusiastically stating they would recommend CoolVu to friends and family.

Over the next month, the Hogans noticed savings on their energy bill. During the day, they found themselves adjusting the thermostat less because the ceramic window films kept indoor temperatures well-regulated. Mrs. Hogan called CoolVu once again, telling them how excited she was to save money. She said she was anticipating even more savings when summer came.

So if you're in the same position as the Hogans or looking for other window film and tinting options, CoolVu has a range of products to meet your needs. From privacy to decorative window films that'll enhance the beauty of your home, CoolVu can help you transform your most valuable space.

Contact CoolVu of Marietta today and either fill out the form on our contact page or call (404) 368-3664 to schedule an appointment!

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